About the Book

Few would expect the terms “salvation” and “sales” to be used in the same sentence. At first blush, they sound like an improbable combination – but they are not. The purpose of this book is to explain ways, methods and procedures to better the material side of one’s life – but only after one has been positioned for the next life. It is a nonfiction book linking Christian salvation with sales and marketing concepts, theories and strategies. This book takes the approach of positioning the reader to think first of sin, death, eternity and salvation in all that he or she does; then presents a thorough, informational and educational process dealing with business, sales and marketing concepts, theories, strategies, techniques and applications. Passages taken from the Bible; “The Complete Ascetical Works of St. Alphonsus De Liguori - Preparation For Death;” and “The Imitation of Christ,” written by Thomas à Kempis; are combined with the writer’s own teachings, along with teachings, passages, quotes and comments from several of the world’s best in business, sales and marketing.

Who is the audience for this book?
While a case could be made for it being every man, woman and child living on the planet - it is, at the very least, Catholics, the Christian Right, inspirational groups, self-help groups, business, sales and marketing professionals. Whether we recognize it or not, each of us sells something every day of our lives. An infant sells its mother on needing food. A wife sells her husband on a vacation destination. A plumber sells the customer on the need for a new water heater. Because of the sin of Adam, we will work until we die. "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread till thou return to the earth, out of which thou wast taken: for dust thou art, and into dust thou shalt return." (Genesis 3:19) Somehow, we all need to get through this life, but in the right way. Sales is a major part of this life. Additionally, every man, woman and child ever born has an eternal soul that was made by God, to be with God. Each will stand in front of our Lord Jesus Christ at their moment of death, and have pronounced on them a sentence of eternal bliss or eternal torment.

Table of Contents


Chapter One - Foundation
Here is mine... what is yours?

Chapter Two - Passion
The centerpiece of life

Chapter Three - Sin
The only thing that should bother you about death

Chapter Four - Death
It all ends with death... yet it is the event that triggers your eternity.

Chapter Five - Eternity and salvation
Think of these before doing anything... and everything.

Chapter Six - The Value of Time
A treasure found only in this life.

Chapter Seven - Materialism
When it is all said and done... of what real value are 'things'?

Chapter Eight - Heaven and Hell
Eye has not seen nor ear heard...

Chapter Nine - Prayer
Those who pray will be saved... those who do not will be condemned.

Chapter Ten - Destination
Where would you like to go?

Chapter Eleven - The Map
Who would begin a trip without a map?

Chapter Twelve - Positioning
The segue from salvation to sales

Chapter Thirteen - Positioning

Chapter Fourteen - Positioning
"The beat of the drum"

Chapter Fifteen - Positioning

Chapter Sixteen - Positioning
Someone has to call the shots

Chapter Seventeen - Positioning
The doctor's approach

Chapter Eighteen - Positioning

Chapter Nineteen - Positioning
Guaranteed marketing

Chapter Twenty - Positioning
'Marketing Warfare'

Chapter Twenty-One - Positioning
The effective format of communication and frequency

Chapter Twenty-Two - Vehicle
The sales process

Chapter Twenty-Three - Fuel
The components to keep you going

Chapter Twenty-Four - Summary
Please let me share this before I go

Salvation and Sales